Gondwana Reptile Productions by Rob Valentic photo gallery of a selection of australian venomous land snakes
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Rob Valentic's Photographs - Australian Venomous Land Snakes (Elapidae).

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  New England Copper Head Austrelaps ramsayi          Ingram's Brown Snake Pseudonaja ingrami        Golden-crowned Snake Cacophis squamulosus        Pilbara Death Adder Acanthophis wellsi       Peninsula Tiger Snake Notechis ater niger      Tasmanian Tiger Snake Notechis a. humphreysi         Western Tiger Snake Notechis s. occidentalis       Common Brown Snake Pseudonaja textilis         Common Death Adder Acanthophis antarcticus        King Brown Snake Pseudechis australis.
   New England Copperhead
 Ingram's Brown Snake     Golden-crowned Snake    Pilbara Death Adder       Peninsula Tiger Snake     Tasmanian Tiger Snake      Western Tiger Snake       Common Brown Snake      Barkly Death Adder      King Brown Snake    
Austrelaps ramsayi          Pseudonaja ingrami       Cacophis squamulosus    Acanthophis wellsi         Notechis a. niger           Notechis a. humphreysi     Notechis s. occidentalis Pseudonaja textilis          A. antarcticus              Pseudechis australis             
  Taipan Oxyuranus scutellatus          Western Brown Snake Pseudonaja aspidorhyncha            Ringed Brown Snake Pseudonaja modesta       Speckled Brown Snake Pseudonaja guttata        Eastern Tiger Snake Notechis s. scutatus        Lesser Black Whipsnake Demansia vestigiata          Greater Black Whipsnake Demansia papuensis         Black-soil Whipsnake Demansia rimicola     Chappell Island Tiger Snake, Notechis serventyi
Taipan                                Western Brown Snake           Ringed Brown Snake      Speckled Brown Snake    Eastern Tiger Snake          Lesser Black Whipsnake    Greater Black Whipsnake  Black-soil Whipsnake   Chappell Island Tiger 
  Oxyuranus scutellatus       Pseudonaja aspidorhyncha  Pseudonaja modesta    Pseudonaja guttata         Notechis s. scutatus        Demansia vestigiata         Demansia papuensis         Demansia rimicola       Notechis ater serventyi

  Barkly Death Adder Acanthophis antarcticus           
Bandy Bandy Snake Vermicella annulata            Australian King Brown Snake Pseudechis australis         Blue bellied Black Snake Pseudechis guttatus           Norther Death Adder Acanthophis praelongus           Desert Death Adder Acanthophis pyrrhus          Red Bellied Black Snake Pseudechis porphyriacus             Inland Taipan Oxyuranus microlepidotus      vTaipan Oxyuranus scutellatus
  Barkly Death Adder             Bandy-bandy                     King Brown Snake          Blue-bellied Black Snake   Northern Death Adder       Desert Death Adder         Red-bellied Black Snake     Inland Taipan                  Taipan
  Acanthophis antarcticus    Vermicella annulata        Pseudechis australis      Pseudechis guttatus          Acanthophis praelongus   Acanthophis pyrrhus      Pseudechis porphyriacus   O. microlepidotus          O. scutellatus  
  Pygmy Copperhead Austrelaps labialis       Highlands Copperhead Austrelaps ramsayi        White lipped Snake Drysdalia coronoides        Northern Death Adder Acanthophis praelongus         Desert Death Adder Acanthophis pyrrhus        Broad-headed Snake Hoplocephalus bungaroides             Pygmy Mulga Snake Pseudechis weigeli      Red-naped Snake Furina diadema
    Eastern Tiger Snake, Notechis scutatus scutatus.    Scaleless Death Adder Acanthophis antarcticus
Pygmy Copperhead        Highlands Copperhead      White-lipped Snake          Northern Death Adder      Desert Death Adder          Broad-headed Snake              Pygmy Mulga Snake      Red-naped Snake         Eastern Tiger Snake    Scaleless Death Adder
  Austrelaps labialis        Austrelaps ramsayi          Drysdalia coronoides      Acanthophis praelongus  Acanthophis pyrrhus       Hoplocephalus bungaroides  Pseudechis weigeli        Furina diadema          Notechis s. scutatus     A. antarcticus

  Shine's Whipsnake, Demansia shinei.        Pale-headed Snake Hoplocephalus bitorquatus.              Collett's Snake, Pseudechis colletti.        Lesser Black Whipsnake, Demansia vestigiata.          Western Brown Snake, Pseudonaja nuchalis.        Mengden's Brown Snake, Pseudonaja mengdeni.         Banded Phase Speckled Brown Snake, Pseudonaja guttata       Dugite (Kabada), Pseudonaja affinis affinis.         Little Spotted Snake Suta punctata                Common Brown Snake Pseudonaja textilis
  Shine's Whipsnake           Pale-headed Snake              Collett's Snake               Lesser Black Whipsnake  Western Brown Snake    Mengden's Brown Snake Speckled Brown Snake Dugite                             Little Spotted Snake     Common Brown Snake
  Demansia shinei             Hoplocephalus bitorquatus Pseudechis colletti        Demansia vestigiata       Pseudonaja nuchalis     Pseudonaja mengdeni    Pseudonaja guttata     Pseudonaja affinis        Suta punctata              Pseudonaja textilis