gondwana reptile productions by rob valentic photo gallery of a selection of australian monitors
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Rob Valentic's Photographs - Australian Monitors or Goannas (Varanidae).

Click on thumbnails to view larger images.

 Yellow spotted Monitor Lizard Varanus panoptes rubidus              Spencer's Monitor Lizard Varanus spenceri          Spiny tailed Monitor Lizard Varanus acanthurus          Mertens' Monitor Lizard Varanus mertensi           Pilbara Tree Monitor Varanus bushi         Black headed Monitor Lizard Varanus tristis tristis         Freckled Monitor Varanus t. orientalis      
 Yellow-spotted Monitor       Spencer's Monitor            Spiny-tailed Monitor         Mertens' Monitor               Pilbara Tree Monitor       Black-headed Monitor    Freckled Monitor                 
 Varanus p. rubidus             Varanus spenceri            Varanus acanthurus        Varanus mertensi             Varanus bushi                Varanus t. tristis           Varanus t. orientalis            

 Pygmy Desert Monitor Varanus eremius.             Sand Goanna, Varanus gouldii.           Sand Goanna Varanus gouldii gouldii
 Pygmy Desert Monitor        Sand Goanna         Sand Goanna
 Varanus eremius               Varanus gouldii    Varanus gouldii